Why Pay for Color Coverage?

There are thousands of pictures posted of the Blue Ridge Parkway daily across social media, websites, or shared among friends. The availability of information related to the Parkway is seemingly ever-growing, but how can you distill this information to help make a decision on when, where, or if you should take that foliage trip? You see where I'm going with this.

We provide on the ground coverage, spending hours each week along the 77 mile stretch from Cherokee to Asheville to bring you an in-depth update to your inbox weekly.

All for the price of one cup of coffee per year, you get the Color Report.


The Color Report is the only weekly update that provides:

  • video, pictures, and 360 images
  • foliage and weather forecast for the weekend ahead
  • ground truth coverage along 77 miles of the Parkway and seven entrances
  • detailed and insightful breakdown of color change locations
  • tips and suggestions; views, secluded areas, local eats, etc.
  • Sliders = before and after comparisons of the same view
  • for non article folks, a visual chart summarizing the report
  • focusing on the Southern Section, from Cherokee to Asheville; highest section of the entire parkway, drive right up to 6000'

Check out our most recent Color Report, the 2024 Spring Season Overview to see what $1/month or $5/year gets you.

If you see the value in gaining access to current color conditions each spring and fall, sign up below to try us out, you can cancel at any time.